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Tracy Bradley, Certified Edmonton Doula (Matrona, Hypnobabies Birth and Postpartum), Director of Grow Centre on Whyte, Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor, encapsulator, babywearing educator & Reiki Master.  I provide birth pools for sale or rent, as well as the equipment for filling and emptying them for your home birth.

I am a mother of two home-birthed children.  My own fertility journey spanned many years and included many losses before my last two successful pregnancies.  I believe I am uniquely suited to work with those on a similar journey.



Just had a nice little post natal visit from my doula. And I have to say I am so very happy that I went down the path that I did. Never under estimate the power of a doula. She was my rock during the most vulnerable time of my life. She knew exactly what I needed at every second. (And every second counts when you are in labour.) She whispered words of encouragement into my soul, she gave me the motivation to get through the moment and never let me give up. She was like the key holder to diary of my heart, knowing all. Thank you Tracy Bradley I will always remember what you did for me, my baby and our new family. ❤"  By Reeni


I work with excellent doulas!  

Indigenous Birth of Alberta:  We work with Indigenous elders to bring culture and well-being around birth to Metis and Indigenous clients.   

My nature is calm, dependable and adept. I can read your verbal and non verbal cues, and be a liaison in your journey to a dignified and spiritual birth. Focused, tenacious, quiet and gentle, I am there for you in your journey to an empowered birth.



For me this practice goes hand in hand with the calm and gentle energy I have going into a birthing families space. Reiki grounds me and gives an opportunity for connection. In addition to it's uses in my services for my doula clients, I also do Reiki treatments for the perinatal client in my studio at Grow Centre by appointment. I am a Reiki Master.

  • Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor 2015
  • Empowered Papa - Dad Certified Joe Valley 2014
  • Rebozo Certified Sonya Duffee 2014
  • Rebozo Certified Gena Kirby 2015
  • DONA Trained Labour Doula, 2015
  • Hypnobabies Power of Birth Language 2014
  • Reiki Master 2015
  • ESO1 Breasfeeding Essentials 2015
  • When Dyads Struggle With Breastfeeding: a workshop for professionals 2015
  • Birth Trauma - A Workshop for Birth Professionals 2015
  • Evidence Based Birth - Suspected Big Babies Course 2015
  • Spinning Babies 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Infant and Child CPR 2015
  • Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control 2016
  • Becoming Dad Certified 2016
  • LGBTQ Positive CBE Training 2016
  • Due Dates Evidence Based Birth 2017
  • Advanced Maternal Age Evidence Based Birth 2017
  • Microbirth Online Training 2018
  • Matrona Wholistic Doula Training 2018
  • Hypnobabies Power of Birth Language 2018
  • Prenatal Physical Health & Labor Prep 2019