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Birth Doula Services:  A complementary consult, two prenatal visits, birth support, and a postpartum visit) with Reiki treatments & babywearing, 875.

Hypnobabies (18+ hours) : Group Classes 350, Private Classes 599

Childbirth Education with Preparation for Birth, Care of the Newborn, and Physiologic feeding 

6+ hours, 189, Includes Lunch.

Postpartum Doula  Care in your home including  breastfeeding support, postpartum healing, meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry and more. In-home reiki treatment included.

Daytime care per hour 35 (minimum 5 hour booking over 1-2 days)

10 hour package 299

40 hour package 1299


Pool rental without doula services (includes equipment and hoses) 195


Reiki Treatments: $40-70 each (30-90 minutes, two free treatments with doula care)


Encapsulation: $275 


I am  a Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor providing private & group classes at Grow Centre.



Free Consultation

The consultation is to make sure I am a match for your needs, desires and personality.

Phone & Email Support

Included in my service is unlimited phone, text, and email support.  As my client you may contact me any time with questions or concerns!  I have years of knowledge, and a great library at my finger tips.

1-2 Prenatal Visits

During prenatal appointments we discuss the role of a doula, your expectations for your birth, nutrition, stages of birth, positions for birth, relaxation techniques, comfort measures for birthing, postpartum care and newborn care.


I provide prenatal visits for a one-on-one reiki session for the birthing person in the later weeks of pregnancy or when needed.  These are very calming and centering.

Professional Information

I am available by phone, text or email during your pregnancy to help you find answers to common and not-so-common questions that come up.  

During birthing

As a doula, I stay by your side throughout birthing, providing the emotional support, and physical measures to enable you to have the birth experience you deserve. I will facilitate communication between you and your primary caregiver.  I will help to keep you grounded emotionally and be a calm and confident presence for you.  If I am unavailable, a suitably experienced member of my birth collectives will provide excellent birth support.

Baby’s first feeding Support

I have training and experience in breast/chest feeding support, and will assist you and your on your feeding journey.

Postpartum follow-up visits (1 or two as needed)

During the postpartum visit I will assist you with feeding, wellness care, and newborn care.  I am an experienced babywearing educator who can teach you how to use most any carrier.  Many of my clients continue Reiki treatments throughout their postpartum recovery as well.


Postpartum Doula Care

I provide postpartum doula services beyond what is included to my birth clients.  I am a postpartum doula as well who is available to support your family during this transition.  I provide evidence based support in infant feeding, bonding and newborn care and am there for you during those first weeks after bringing baby home.  I have great experience with vegetarian, vegan, keto and gluten free dietary needs.



  • I made the best decision by choosing to go with Tracy for birth of my second child. She is so knowledgeable and her calming presence is exactly what I needed during my birthing experience. Massage and Reiki treatments were wonderful and really helped to get things going. The aftercare and support she provided even after my daughter was born has been amazing. I would highly recommend anyone looking for doula to go with Tracy without any hesitant you wont be disappointed.- Harneet Dhaliwal Posted 2/10/2015

  • I found Tracy on FB. About 10min into meeting her I knew we would be retaining her services. I immediately felt a conection with her, as if we were long lost friends. Tracy recommended a great prenatal class (Hypnobabies) that was in sync with my all natural birth plan. Tracy was always available for any questions I had, which were many, this was our 1st child. I met with her for a prenatal apointment and a much needed Reiki treatment. It was so relaxing, just what I needed, I was going through some stressful events, getting married and moving. I spent my pre birthing time at home, 22h out of the 30h that I was in labor. Tracy was in contact with me the whole time. She even offered to be at home with us. I opted to have it be just myself and my husband. Tracy met us at the hospital for 8 more hours of a very difficult transition period. My son took 30h total to come into this world. All of it all natural, our birth plan was emplimented to the tee. Thanks to my awesome birth team, Tracy, my hubby and a great OB. Tracy stayed at the hospital as long as we needed. We never got the felling she was rushing or neede to be somewhere else. Tracy came by a couple days after for our postnatal visit. She has such a calming effect on me. I was having issues with my milk production and she brought an awesome nursing tea. She also recommended a great lactation consultant. Words can't convey what Tracy has done for my family. I would definetly recommend Tracy to anyone. I know that I want her at the bith of my 2nd child as well.

Carrie, Steven and Rowan Otto

Posted 3/2/2015



The birthing time is a unique and intense experience.  Tracy spent hours with us working through all our questions and helping to teach us what to expect and what some options were to cope with labour.

Tracy provided incredible support during the birthing time. She supported us in making decisions about care that strayed from our birth plan and were necessary to consider in the moment. Her intuition is exceptional. She knew when we needed space to be together just the two of us. She knew when there needed to be a change in positions (and there was a point when there was about five or six different positions in 45 minutes). She knew when aromotherapy, counterpressure and water would be helpful.

Tracy gave me the space to figure out what I needed and was incredibly present throughout the entire 25 hours. She must have applied counterpressure for about eight hours every couple of minutes. She was calm, considerate, kind, empathetic and non judgmental. Tracy worked really well with the team at the hospital. She also ensured that my daughter and I had a solid first breastfeeding experience immediately after delivery.

The feeling of empowerment is a gift that can come with being pregnant and delivering a baby. Tracy helped shepherd a birthing time that did not follow the plan and could have left me feeling lost. Instead I feel like I had the full experience of the birthing time and feel grateful for the opportunity.

She has continued to support us post partum and, as prior to the birthing time, visited us and answered questions and gave us thoughtful items like teas and bath salts.

It has been a great experience to work with Tracy and I know the Grow Centre will continue to offer support as our daughter grows with possible play groups!

We would HIGHLY recommend Tracy. She's a great person and an amazing doula.

- Megan McKenna

Posted 11/22/2015



I am so thankful to Tracy for everything she did for me during my labour and birth. I am convinced if it wasnt for her expertise and gentle touch I would not have been succesful in my VBAC.I was overdue with my baby by 9 days this time, and tracy gave us some acupressure points to work on as well as taught us how to do a hip release. My labour was very long at around 45 hours! Tracy stayed with us almost the entire time, other than to take a couple short breaks. She is absoloutely amazing. She worked with me hour after hour to help my baby move down and engage, and get into an optimal position. She brought out every trick she had and spent hours walking and swaying with me through contractions. She allowed my husband to sleep so he would be able to support me when the time came to push. I had planned to have a home waterbirth VBAC but After a very long labour time at home we transferred to the hospital for an epidural. Tracy was always right by my side, giving me advice and helping me feel empowered to make my own decisions. I was nervous about a hospital transfer as my first try at a home birth ended in a transfer with a csection. My first birth was a very tramatic experience and I was scared of returning to the hospital. With the guidance of my midwife and Tracy we made the transfer so I could get some much needed rest. My midwife had to leave as she was supposed to catch a flight. Tracy stayed with us through it all. I honestly felt so much love and compassion from her and she kept me relaxed and calm through it all. She stayed by my side, feeding me ice chips and talking to me in a soothing voice while I went in and out of sleep. She used acupressure for my nasuea so I could avoid using gravol and took photos of the birth for me.I feel tracy goes above and beyond as a doula;even helping to clean up the birth area and take down the pool while I was still in the hospital.I highly reccoment her services and I hope she can be with me again for my next birth!

Posted 9/2/2016

Taheer Alibhai

My wife and I did a lot of research on what doulas offer and what role they play in the entire process from pregnancy, birth and post birth. It was important for us to find one that was knowledgable and experienced. Upon further recommendation, Tracy Bradley was suggested to us. After meeting with her we knew right away that Tracy was who we wanted as our doula. Her calm demeanour was comforting as this was our first child. Tracy also had a wealth of resources pertaining to pretty much everything about pregnancy, including what to expect at different stages and how to be as comfortable as possible throughout pregnancy.

Most importantly, her presence during the birthing time was where we needed her the most. That extra help was much appreciated. But it's not just the extra hands, it's how she was helping that was key. Her ability to put my wife in certain positions to ease some of the discomfort from the contraction waves was what helped the most. In addition to that, she brought her voice and support and that helped get us a better understanding of what decisions we needed to to make thoughtout active labour.

As a new Dad I found that Tracy was a big help to me too. Her ability to articulate what to expect for us guys was helpful. Being in the know helped me be a better help to my wife throughout this journey and we can't thank Tracy enough!!!

We definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula to be part of their journey.

Posted 9/5/2016